Vocational tours, limited by COVID-19, have returned. Three recent such tours were of the Yuba College robotic welding program, the Wide Awake Geek small business support program, and the Sutter County Museum. Here are some of the photos.
Rotary Club members touring the Sutter County Museum got a demonstration of a foot pump player piano by Assistant Curator Sharyl Simmons.
The museum has standing exhibits on the Nisenan Maidu who have occupied this region for several centuries prior to European discovery of the North American continent, as well as agriculture and various cultures that have developed here over the past nearly two centuries.
Marysville Rotarians pose for a picture with Dan Turner (center), instructor of Yuba College's robotic welding program.
Dan turned the controls over--temporarily--to Rotary Member John Weiler who, it can be reported, didn't manage to screw anything up.
Instructor Dan Turner demonstrates how a game console type controller operates the robotic arm of the welding equipment increasingly used in manufacturing.
Wide Awake Geek co-founder and chief operator describes how his company provides low cost work space to budding entrepreneurs.
Work station at Wide Awake Geek in Marysville. The facility provides office space and work space for creatives, emerging entrepreneurs.
Doug Marr ponders a use for the podcasting equipment at Wide Awake Geek.
JJ Huskey investigates the break room at Wide Awake Geek, which looks as if it suffered some Glactic Empire Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle damage.