After months of planning and a lot of labor, the beautiful new clock has been installed and all landscaping is complete. 
A four-faced clock standing 16 1/2 feet tall is now the centerpiece of a plaza developed by Marysville Rotary Club at the southwest corner of the intersection of Third and D streets.

The clock is a gift to the community to mark the club’s 100 years of community service.
We have so many people/organizations to thank for helping us make this happen: 
First, Habitat for Humanity - for listening to us and opening up your corner and your hearts for our vision. Thank you to Delta Landscape for creating a vision that Marysville Rotary could never imagined. It’s beautiful! Thank you to SAYlove and Frank M. Booth for assisting with equipment and labor to make the Yuba Blue boulders move so easily! And most of all, thank you to our city and community for the positive responses to our club’s gift to everyone! We appreciate you all!