Agreement in place with Habitat for Humanity at 3rd & D Streets

A four-faced clock standing 16 1/2 feet tall will be the centerpiece of a plaza developed by Marysville Rotary Club at the southwest corner of the intersection of Third and D streets.

Club President Mary Langsdorf announced in January that the clock was ordered after an agreement was signed with Habitat for Humanity allowing for the construction of a plaza and placement of the clock, a gift to the community to mark the club’s 100 years of community service. The Centennial Project was chosen by club members in September and President Mary is determined to have the project completed in her presidential year.

The landscaper hired to install the plaza is currently seeking permits from the City of Marysville and physical work on the plaza should begin soon, weather permitting. The clock could take 12 weeks to arrive, leaving plenty of time to prepare the rest of the features of the park. The Scottsdale clock (seen here) is similar to the clock we have ordered.
This is the planned layout of the plaza.