The fun-filled plot of the Demotion Committee to frame outgoing President Vanessa Helder as Patient Zero in the Covid-19 pandemic was foiled by a conspiracy video and a pardon tweet by the Commander in Chief.

At last week’s DeZooMotion, the Demotion Committee established its evidence through a series of videos, breaking news reports and personal recollections of odd presidential behavior, "proving" that Chinese authorities had traced the first case of Coronavirus in Wuhan to the president of the Wuhan Rotary Club, and directly to Helder at the Rotary International Convention last spring. District Governor Brent Hastey even made an appearance, clearly troubled by the disclosures, until it was pointed out that the International Convention took place BEFORE his term began.


Jan Rockwell as Vanessa                 One of the presidential tweets that let Vanessa off the hook

During the event, which was conducted via zoom, Vanessa could be seen laughing and ostensibly enjoying the show. The committee certainly hopes she did, and the night ultimately ended with the appropriate recognition for a remarkable job conducted under the most trying circumstances. 

“I just want to reiterate what a great job Vanessa did as her year turned upside down,” 2020-21 President Mary Langsdorf said. “She really made us all proud and continued our Rotary meetings, although not in person, but we still had a good time. As I take over the gavel I know this will be a tough year as it has started out via zoom once again. I look forward to our in person meetings and get back to what most consider “normal.”  Cheers to Vanessa, and cheers to another fun year! Thank you, Vanessa Helder, Forever our Centennial President, for your commitment to our club."

If you missed it, the bizarre, hysterical and totally satirical show has been shared on YouTube: