Marysville Rotary honored to assist Marysville Little League

Rotary member Jan Rockwell was honored to throw out the first pitch on opening day of the Marysville Little League season March 15. Marysville Rotary has been assisting the league in an ambitious project to reclaim an abandoned youth ballpark, Chiono Field, on 14th Street. Jan brought the project to Rotary's attention and was the logical choice to represent the club when the league honored us with the invitation.
The club has committed approximately $100,000 and a lot of elbow grease to improvements, including fencing, bleachers, a backstop and new dugouts to reclaim the ballpark for Marysville Little League games. The field has not been used for youth sports for several years. 
This is Rotary in action!                                                                               
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The Aloha Spirit

In February, the Lahaina Sunrise Rotary Club of Maui received a special delivery from members of the Rotary Club of Marysville. Club member Gerald Odor visits Maui every year and has developed quite a bond with the Lahaina club during his visits. He discovered that they were raising money for vocational scholarships, to purchase tools and equipment needed to replace those lost in the fire and help get Lahaina residents back to work.
Gerald asked his Marysville club members to contribute to the cause before his planned February visit. In addition to the $1,000 the club gave during the initial fundraising effort for Maui last year, club members contributed a total of $2,330, which Gerald delivered in person.
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Play Ball!

This is what Rotary is all about - community service! On February 24, 2024, a half dozen Marysville Rotarians and some of their family members swapped out old boards for new ones on the bleachers at Chiono Field on 14th Street in Marysville. The club has paid for new fencing, a backstop, and new dugouts to reclaim the ballpark for Marysville Little League games. The field has not been used for youth sports for several years. McDonald’s sent some warm cookies and delicious apple pie to support the effort.
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Sodbusters 2023 - Seeking Sponsors!

Time is running out for your chance to guarantee yourself a ticket to the hottest event in town! Sodbusters 2023 will take place Sept 15th at 6pm at the Marysville Riverfront Pavillions / Cotton Rosser Arena. 
This event sells out every year! If you would like to sponsor the event, that is one of the best ways to guarantee a ticket. General admission tables and individual tickets will go on sale as soon as we complete our sponsor outreach, so keep your eyes peeled for that and follow us on Facebook to get notified when we pull that trigger. 
Keep reading to see the sponsor opportunities.
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Rotary is Blooming!

At the June 1st meeting, we had the pleasure of a hands-on lesson on flower arranging, courtesy of Helen Nickolson, the "better half" of club member Larry Michel. In addition to providing all of the beautiful roses and greenery, Helen provided a small vase for everyone to keep.
After a demonstration and lots of discussion of the "tricks of the trade" (many of which were eye opening and even a little shocking, like adding bleach to the water!), we grabbed our vases, roses and greenery, picked up our clippers and got to work. 
Thanks, Helen and Larry for a fantastic, interactive club meeting!
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Yuba Sutter's Got Talent!

Are you ready to strut your stuff, Yuba-Sutter? We know we have an incredibly talented community, so let's show it off! It's our first ever Yuba-Sutter's Got Talent competition and we have cash prizes for the top three winners!
Cash prizes: 
1st Place: $500
2nd Place:$250
3rd Place: $100
Do you sing, act or dance? Are you a comic? A poet? All talents welcome! 
The event is set for June 16th from 7-9 p.m. at the Lee Burrows Center for the Arts - 630 E St. in Marysville. You must audition to participate. (NOTE: the flyers and previous posts have said the event is at the MHS auditorium, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the location had to be changed). 
Keep reading for audition details and info about tickets for people who just want to enjoy the show!
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Marysville Rotary Voted Best Service Club in Yuba-Sutter Charles Smith 2021-09-30 07:00:00Z 0

Sodbuster's, Yuba-Sutter's Favorite Event, wildly successful

With a big turnout of club members, the set up coordinated by Nicole Rosser was a success.
The Marysville Rotary Club's Sodbuster's event, now known as Yuba-Sutter's Favorite Event thanks to those who voted in the Appeal-Democrat's "Best of Yuba-Sutter" competition, was wildly successful. The sell out crowd enjoyed a nearly flawless presentation on a beautiful night on September 19, thanks to the leadership of event Chair Nicole Rosser, and a tremendous response by the Club to the needs of setting up the event behind Cotton Rosser arena along the Feather River in Marysville's Beckwourth Riverfront Park.
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Local Special Olympians take to the field as Rotarians prepare for Sodbusters

Two days after Yuba-Sutter Special Olympics Director T.J. Fetters provided Rotarians with the story of the founding and growth of the worldwide organization devoted to providing athletic competition opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities, several dozen local Special Olympics athletes gathered at Blackburn-Talley Park in Yuba City for what was planned as another softball tournament hosted by the local organization. Unfortunately, COVID-19 had other plans and none of the Special Olympics teams from other communities made the trip. That didn't dampen the enthusiasm of most of the athletes, who were excited to be on the field and in uniform for the first time in over a year.
Several dozen of the area's 200 Special Olympians gathered Saturday for skills competition and softball games.
Local Special Olympians take to the field as Rotarians prepare for Sodbusters Charles Smith 2021-09-02 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary project saves local history, puts it online

He lost a leg in World War I, wrote a history of Marysville's beginnings, and donated 30 years to creating an index to local history. Now this index is safely preserved and available online because of a Marysville Rotary Club Project.

Immediate Past President Mary Langsford chose the history access project as her community project during the 2020-21 Marysville Rotary Club year. Here she is at the drawers where Ramey's hard copy index cards are stored.

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Jay Lowden, Yuba Community College Foundation Director, Speaker July 22 2021-07-21 07:00:00Z 0

District training offers growth to Rotary members

District 5180 is conducting Superhero Training Camp: Connecting the Three Essentials... Membership, Foundation and Public Image/Brand. 
When: August 7, 9:00 am to 12:00 Noon
What: Special training focusing on the three essentials for our Rotary Clubs: building our membership, increasing our Foundation giving and getting our story out to our local communities.
Who should attend? All club presidents, membership chairs, Foundation chairs and public image chairs (and, as always, any other club members who can benefit from this training!)
Why attend? New club leadership needs this time together to refocus, re-energize and renew their club's efforts on how to grow membership, best approaches to building Foundation support and knowing how to get your message out to the community about all the wonderful things Rotary does!   
Registration is now open:
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July 29 meeting will be at Gold Sox ball game Charles Smith 2021-07-21 07:00:00Z 0

The 2021-22 Marysville Rotary Board of Directors

It may have gone little noticed in the excitement of a new season, but President Matt Peyret has an official Board of Directors. Board members are:

Immediate Past President Mary Langsdorf

Secretary Gerald Odor

Treasurer Larry Michel

Program Chair Kelly Smith

Membership Chair Doug Marr

Foundation Chair Ryan Henshaw

Club Service Chair Courtney Gengler

Community Service Chair Joe Hendrix

International Service Chair Rachel Farrell

Youth Services Chair Mike Cowley

Vocational Services Chair Tawny Dotson

Webmaster DeDe Cordell

Bulletin Editor Chuck Smith

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Board authorizes $500 donation to youth leadership program

The Marysville Rotary Club will make a $500 donation to a youth leadership program developed and managed by the Alliance for Hispanic Advancement, the Board of Directors decided at its meeting Monday, July 19. As explained by Rotary Guest Speaker Grace Espindola, the program is intended to focus on leadership development among youth who may not normally get the opportunity to develop confidence by leading a team or developing public business skills. The first Mexican-American Immigrant to be elected to the Yuba City Council, Grace last week discussed her travel with her mother from Mexico to join her father who had come to the southwest United States in the bracero ag worker program, and how much work is actually involved in being a City Council member.
Grace Espindola
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Commemorating 100 Years of Rotary

After months of planning and a lot of labor, the beautiful new clock has been installed and all landscaping is complete. 
A four-faced clock standing 16 1/2 feet tall is now the centerpiece of a plaza developed by Marysville Rotary Club at the southwest corner of the intersection of Third and D streets.

The clock is a gift to the community to mark the club’s 100 years of community service.
We have so many people/organizations to thank for helping us make this happen: 
First, Habitat for Humanity - for listening to us and opening up your corner and your hearts for our vision. Thank you to Delta Landscape for creating a vision that Marysville Rotary could never imagined. It’s beautiful! Thank you to SAYlove and Frank M. Booth for assisting with equipment and labor to make the Yuba Blue boulders move so easily! And most of all, thank you to our city and community for the positive responses to our club’s gift to everyone! We appreciate you all!
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Marysville Rotary Squares

Ever wonder what Rotary is about? What makes each club unique or different? Here's a fun-filled and pun-filled way to get to know the Marysville Rotary Club. Find out more about us and then come check out a meeting! 
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It’s a three club, in-person, outdoor work party to beautify Yuba College

Rotary is about to bust outside for a major work project to help local community college students feel a little better about their campus. It’s an opportunity for every member of the club to participate in a project that could involve as many as 100 people over the course of two Saturdays. 
This project has been in the planning stages for 1.5 years. Originally planned for last spring, a three-club project to beautify the main campus of Yuba Community College is planned for Saturday, April 24 and Saturday, May 1.

Rotarians can participate with the award-winning group SAYlove’s monthly community cleanup day, which will be at the college campus on North Beale Road and Linda Avenue on April 24. The focus that day will be on removing old landscaping to prepare for the new landscaping, which will be installed the following weekend, May 1, with the help of Rotarians from Marysville, Yuba City and South Yuba County Sunrise clubs.

Please bring a friend or family member to help out. This is a great way to serve the community, renew acquaintances,
get some exercise and show others what Rotary is all about. Funds for the beautification project come from a Rotary grant to the three clubs acquired in 2019-2020.
It’s a three club, in-person, outdoor work party to beautify Yuba College 2021-04-19 07:00:00Z 0

Club member Bob Quinlan took Rotary service to heart

Robert ‘Bob’ Quinlan, who spent many years with the Folsom Rotary Club before moving to Marysville and transferring to our club in 2019, passed away January 14. He was 63.
According to an obituary notice in the Sacramento Bee, Bob came to Marysville already diagnosed with cancer, but he did not let that stop him from becoming engaged in his new community through Rotary. He had an immediate impact on the club and those in our community who suffer from food insecurity by coordinating club participation in a monthly effort to distribute food in downtown Marysville.
In a Facebook posting after his death, the Yuba-Sutter Food Bank wrote, “We are sad to hear of his passing! Our condolences to the Quinlan family. Bob was instrumental in organizing the monthly Marysville Food distribution. Remembering his wonderful and giving soul will forever remain in our hearts.”
Bob’s passion for service through Rotary was evident over the course of many years. Rotary Club of Folsom President Jean Cavanaugh described Bob as being part of the “heart of the club,” as well as her “partner in crime” who always volunteered and who could always make her laugh. 
A native of San Francisco, Bob graduated from Sacramento State with a degree in psychology and made a living in medical sales. He also invented and marketed an arm rest for long haul truckers. He developed the nickname “BQ” and was known for his decades of service to Rotary, Interact, and for his enthusiasm as a jolly old elf at Christmas. He is survived by his loving partner, Kathy Hawes, a sister, two daughters, two sons-in-law and four grandchildren.
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Only a matter of time before Marysville Rotary clock arrives

Agreement in place with Habitat for Humanity at 3rd & D Streets

A four-faced clock standing 16 1/2 feet tall will be the centerpiece of a plaza developed by Marysville Rotary Club at the southwest corner of the intersection of Third and D streets.

Club President Mary Langsdorf announced in January that the clock was ordered after an agreement was signed with Habitat for Humanity allowing for the construction of a plaza and placement of the clock, a gift to the community to mark the club’s 100 years of community service. The Centennial Project was chosen by club members in September and President Mary is determined to have the project completed in her presidential year.

The landscaper hired to install the plaza is currently seeking permits from the City of Marysville and physical work on the plaza should begin soon, weather permitting. The clock could take 12 weeks to arrive, leaving plenty of time to prepare the rest of the features of the park. The Scottsdale clock (seen here) is similar to the clock we have ordered.
This is the planned layout of the plaza.
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Mental Health First Aid

This week, the Rotary Club of Marysville had the opportunity to hear about a critically important subject - perhaps even more important now, in light of the additional weight the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on our community. We heard from Sarah Eberhardt-Rios, MPA of Sutter-Yuba Behavioral Health and Gina Ehlert, a national trainer for a new mental health training program. 
This program trains people - regular people - how to spot mental health concerns, in your personal life, at your office, your church, among your friends. More importantly, it teachers you how to help and provide that "first aid" when someone needs it. Please view this video and see if you might want to get trained in this life-saving skill.   
If you're interested in taking the training, reach out to Dawn Redmond and she can share current opportunities. You can also call her at (530) 822-7200 ext. 2220.
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Meet our 2020 Scholarship Winners

Marysville Rotary Club issued eight $1,000 scholarships this summer to graduating seniors from Marysville High School and the Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts (MCAA).
Join us in celebrating the bright futures of these shining stars:

2020 Rotary Club of Marysville Scholarship Winners:

Ernesto Lucatero, graduate of MCAA plans to
study biochemistry at California State University, Chico
Karina Muchaca-Fregoso of Marysville High School plans to study nursing or business at Yuba Community College
Cristina Feceu of Marysville High School will be attending Sacramento City College to study Dental Hygiene
Emily Hu of Marysville High School will attend the University of California, Davis to study Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Linzee DeGraff graduated from Marysville High and plans to attend Shasta College to study Animal Science
Kelly Mitchell, of Marysville High, will attend Yuba College to study Veterinary Science
Arlin Ordaz graduated from MCAA and plans to attend Woodland Community College to study Political Science
Lucero De Jesus Magana graduated from MCAA and plans to attend Woodland Community College to study liberal arts 
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Rotary is FFF'n Amazing!

During this week's meeting, we had the pleasure of hearing from our District 5180 Governor, Brent Hastey, who is no stranger to the Rotary Club of Marysville. Our prestigious DG shared his vision for the coming year as well as that of Rotary International, and he talked about the importance of diversity and inclusiveness in our meetings, and much more. Check it out! It was a special meeting that's a great reminder why we all love being Rotarians. 
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The 'DeZoomotion' of Vanessa Helder

The fun-filled plot of the Demotion Committee to frame outgoing President Vanessa Helder as Patient Zero in the Covid-19 pandemic was foiled by a conspiracy video and a pardon tweet by the Commander in Chief.

At last week’s DeZooMotion, the Demotion Committee established its evidence through a series of videos, breaking news reports and personal recollections of odd presidential behavior, "proving" that Chinese authorities had traced the first case of Coronavirus in Wuhan to the president of the Wuhan Rotary Club, and directly to Helder at the Rotary International Convention last spring. District Governor Brent Hastey even made an appearance, clearly troubled by the disclosures, until it was pointed out that the International Convention took place BEFORE his term began.


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Rotary Youth Leadership Awakening

At our July 23rd meeting, we heard from Rochelle Whellams, one of the directors of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awakening, commonly known in the Rotary world as RYLA. It was a great introduction to RYLA for some of our newer members, and a great, inspirational reminder of how awesome of an experience the camp can be for our youth. 
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Dr. Homer Rice on COVID in Yuba-Sutter

Posted on Jul 16, 2020
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At our July, 16, 2020 meeting, we were privileged to have Dr. Homer Rice, the assistant director of Yuba County's Health and Human Services Department, speak to our packed Zoom meeting. It was incredibly enlightening and informative. In our bi-county COVID-19 response, Dr. Rice serves as the operations manager, and was able to shed some light on how serious the problem is for our region, and what we all need to do to stop the spread. 
Dr. Homer Rice on COVID in Yuba-Sutter DeDe Cordell 2020-07-16 07:00:00Z 0

Assemblyman James Gallagher

Our first speaker of the 2020-21 Rotary year was our local state assemblyman, James Gallagher. Gallagher spoke to our club about the series of events surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak that have led to our community's reopening when the state stay-at-home order was lifted, and the most recent orders forcing many of our businesses to close once again. We are so grateful that he shared his time and insight with us. 

Assemblyman James Gallagher DeDe Cordell 2020-07-09 07:00:00Z 0

Expect the Unexpected

After a century, Mary Langsdorf is President of the Rotary Club that emphasizes her name. She's going with "Expect the Unexpected" for the theme this year, or at least for this month, since we can't really predict what's going to happen next. (Locusts, maybe?) 


Meet the rest of the 2020-21 Board of Directors for the Rotary Club of "Mary'sville"

President-Elect and Fine Master: Matt Peyret
Immediate Past President: Vanessa Helder
Co-Secretaries: Jack Williams and Gerald Odor
Treasurer: Larry Michel
Club Service Chair: Jan Rockwell
Community Service Chair: Nina Singh
International Service Chair: Rachel Farrell
Vocational Services Chair: Tim Cole
Youth Services Chair: Mike Cowley
Membership Co-Chairs: Aaron Landreth and Elizabeth Thygeson
Rotary Foundation: David Anderson
Sergeant at Arms: Doug Marr
Program Co-Chairs Jan Rockwell and Nicole Rosser
Information Co-Chairs: DeDe Cordell and Chuck Smith
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